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Letshego, improving lives!

We are a Pan-African microfinance bank building businesses and improving lives in Nigeria since 2016 through our well-tailored products and services. We offer an array of quick loans designed to support every Nigerian across the thirty six states in their quest to reach their business objectives and ultimately achieve their dreams.

Letshego has footprints in 11 African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda and Botswana.

In Nigeria, we have 22 branches in strategic points. Our goal is to be closer to you, that way, we are readily available to support you.

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Our Financial Solutions

What we offer you

Savings and Fixed DepositSavings and Fixed Deposit

Save with Letshego and you will be guaranteed access to your money whenever and wherever you need it. We offer competitive interest rates on our savings and fixed deposits?

LetsGo CardsLetsGo Cards

Our LetsGo cards are accepted by all ATM’s and are ideal for everyone looking for accessible, simple and flexible financial solutions that save you cash in fees. The card can be used for online transfers, purchases and bill payments.

Step upStep up

Our Step Up loans are for micro, small and medium enterprises such as manufacturers, artisans, retailers, wholesalers and more. The business must have been running for a minimum of 6 months to access loans of up to N20,000,000


Our Education loans are suitable for schools, tutorial canters and creches. They are also open to teachers, parents and school suppliers. Qualified businesses/persons can access loans of up to N20,000,000


Our Consumer loans are available to Government and Non-Government employees (State and Federal Government Civil Servants and private sector employees) receiving a regular salary. With these loans, you can access up to N3,000,000 with no guarantor or collaterals required

Affordable HousingAffordable Housing

Our Housing loans are appropriate for individuals in the public & private sector and also business owners. The facility can be used for business or residential purposes and qualified persons can access loans of up to N20,000,000


Our Agriculture loans support businesses in the agricultural ecosystem like farmers, dealers of agricultural machinery and processors. Qualified businesses and persons can access loans of up to N10,000,000


Our Health loans are accessible to businesses in the health ecosystem such as hospitals, pharmacies, health centers, clinics etc Qualified facilities can get loans of up to N10,000,000


Our Easy loans are appropriate for employees of reputable organizations and they are to help your personal needs like rent, school fees, medical bills and more. Qualified persons can access up to N3,000,000

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How to apply for a loan

Who Is Eligible For A Loan?

We provide loans for MSE as well as employees of Government and Non-Government companies. Our loans are open to customers who have either been in business or employment for a minimum of six months and for Agriculture loans, customers must have completed three production cycles.

Our application requirements are easy and vary according to the type of loan. To find out more, please contact us now.

Payment Frequency

Our loan payment options are flexible and depending on the solution, the repayment plan frequency can be weekly, monthly or on a quarterly basis.

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